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Canteen Refurbishment helps staff morale

Monday June 16th 2014

Spectrum Workplace has recently completed a total refurbishment of the staff canteen and breakout space for growing audio-visual equipment company AVM Impact based in Sunbury, London.

The original aim of the project was to create a better environment that staff would actually want to use and save them having to go off site to buy lunch or chill out. The company has recently moved from a town-centre location with a good selection of restaurants and cafes to a larger building in the middle of an industrial estate with very few options within walking distance.

Spectrum Workplace partner Jim Fidler has been back to find out what the results of the canteen refurbishment have been for the company. He was accompanied by a videographer who filmed a number of staff as they gave their comments and feedback on what they thought of the new refurbished canteen area. The comments were all very positive.

Sales Director, Andrew Nelson, said “it has been excellent – staff morale has been helped a lot and that is something we are very keen on in terms of making sure that all the staff are happy, that they have got somewhere to go and sit and get away from their desk, so it has been a bit of a godsend really, getting something in place like this.

Some other comments from staff were:

“How bright and nice it seems to come and sit in here, like sitting in a professional restaurant.  Somewhere you would pay to go to, say in the town centre – probably even better actually!”

“Before it was really small and dull and once you had made your tea you wanted to get out of here and I hardly ever sat here for lunch, but since the hub has now opened it is nice and fresh, new and colourful and I spend most of my lunch sitting here eating my lunch and if not buying it from the canteen.”

“It is somewhere we would like to go for lunch rather than somewhere we have to go for lunch.”


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