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Collaborative Work Space Design

This exciting collaborative work space project was completed in August 2014 for Shiplake Court in Henley-on-Thames, Berkshire.

The request was for a revolutionary take on the traditional school library to create a modern collaborative working environment which encouraged group working but also provided quiet space for focussed work. Our solution was to split the area into 2 main zones – one vibrant and colourful and designed to encourage group working, collaboration, informal meetings and brainstorming. The other area was a designated quiet zone with touch-down workstations available for focussed work and aiding concentration.

Collaborative Work Space Video


The Collaborative Work Space

This space is buzzing with interesting and stimulating design features. Probably the dominant feature is the bright yellow Hive informal meeting pod. This provides a funky space which can either be used for an individual work space or as a small group meeting space. There is a more formal meeting room with modular tables with the added interest of astro-turf flooring. Moving down the space you find a selection of soft seating pieces arranged for informal meetings. To one side is a stand-up meeting table with large LED screen which can be shared between a number of people. One either side of the stand-up meeting point are two bespoke hexagonal bookcases – again in bright yellow.

Collaborative office space design

A view of the Shiplake Court collaborative space.


The Quiet Zone or Focus Area

The Quiet Zone is separated from the Collaborative Space by a frameless glass partition wall and the difference between the two areas is immediately noticed. Noise levels are reduced, the colour palette is calming but makes good use of blue which has been shown to be the best colour to aid concentration. The eye is quickly caught by the fascinating Bubble Wall with it’s continual movement and subtle colour changing LED lighting. The bespoke touchdown desk arrangement snakes through the area and provides a flexible work area with power available at any position.

Focus Area and Quiet Zone Design

A view of the Shiplake Court Focus Area and Quiet Zone

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