Spectrum Workplace Colourful Breakout Area Design - Case Study

Colourful Breakout Area Design

This vibrant breakout space really has the ‘wow’ factor. The features include colour-changing LED lighting, a giant hammock, astro-turf flooring, deck-chairs, soft seating with built-in phone chargers and power, a pool table, and more! Believe it or not this colourful breakout area was actually for a private school for their 6th Form common room and study area. The school had a problem in that students were leaving early rather than moving up into the 6th form due to the tired and dull environment that they were allocated. As a commercial enterprise this represented a significant revenue loss so the new, vibrant and colourful breakout space was key in reversing this trend.

The space was split into three areas – a soft seating area for informal discussions and relaxation, a cafe style area for eating and meetings and also a quiet study area. The design was developed after numerous consultations with the client and included input from the students themselves.


Colourful Breakout Area - soft seating

Colourful Breakout Area – soft seating


Colourful Breakout Area - cafe area

Colourful Breakout Area – cafe area


Colourful Breakout Area - quiet study

Colourful Breakout Area – quiet study

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