Spectrum Workplace Funky, Cool Breakout Space Design for Media Company - Case Study

Cool Breakout Space for media company

We really brought the outside inside with this cool breakout space design for a thriving digital media company in Sussex. With astro-turf flooring, picnic benches and deck-chairs complemented by vivid wall graphics, this space has transformed work practices.

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‘Staff work on in the evenings for free!’

Friday Media Group Sales Director, Sam Kidger said ‘we wanted to create an environment that was fun and enjoyable so we could get people to spend a bit more time here after hours.  I think that has already worked – we’re seeing people spending more time in the office in the evenings – they don’t have to do that but they feel they’d like to do that as it is a great working environment.  If we can get an extra hour out of everyone a week that’s an extra 52 hours a year so that makes a huge difference to our productivity.  We’ve achieved our goal of creating an environment that helps our productivity – it’s been great.’

‘not been in a workplace like it before!’

Caz Webb said ‘it’s really cool & trendy!  Not been in a workspace like it before – deck chairs which is really cool, park benches – probably bring in umbrellas next!  Nice cool seating area – good to relax and meet with work colleagues and chill out!  There are different areas where you can chill out with your team or just be on your own which is nice.  It’s ideal if you want an impromptu meeting – you can just take a corner and have peace and quiet.  Staff can’t wait to come down from a break!  It is a bit different – used to be dull & boring with old tables and uncomfortable seating.  Much funkier & modern now!

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Cool Breakout Area for Digital Media Company

Cool Breakout Area Design for Digital Media Company

  Cool Breakout Space for Digital Media Company

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"'We’ve gone from having boring walls and flooring to having a splash of colour and astro turf flooring. It is so different here and people enjoy coming to work now. People sit downstairs and eat lunch, whereas before we used to eat at our desks so it is a real community for us now and I think that is the best bit.' Laura Colby, Director, Friday Media Group"
Spectrum Workplace

Spectrum Workplace