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Funky Office Interior Design for Media Company

Spectrum Workplace have recently completed this Funky Office Interior project for the Friday Media Group – a thriving digital media company based in Sussex.

Friday Media Group approached Spectrum Workplace to help them develop designs and concepts which would not only fit in more staff but also provide a completely new funky office interior design.  They also wanted to transform the company breakout area to help staff morale and productivity.

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‘a huge difference to our productivity’

Director Sam Kidger said “we wanted to create an environment that was fun and enjoyable so we could get people to spend a bit more time here after hours. I think that has already worked – we’re seeing people spending more time in the office in the evenings – they don’t have to do that but they feel they’d like to do that as it is a great working environment. If we can get an extra hour out of everyone a week that’s an extra 52 hours a year so that makes a huge difference to our productivity. We’ve achieved our goal of creating an environment that helps our productivity – it’s been great!”

‘hardly any down time at all, if any!’

One of the main challenges was to transform the original dull and boring office without disrupting the 150 staff who worked literally day and night. We asked director Laura Colby how the installation went and she replied “that was the shocking part of it! I thought there would be a lot of down time and people stopping work and having to let people work from home, but actually there was hardly any down time at all, if any! That was the highlight for me – it didn’t affect the day to day and we were able to have our new office in a matter of weeks without it spoiling our working environment. That was the best part for me – very smooth!”

Listen to directors talk about how the installation went and see footage of the stunning new office design – CLICK HERE.

Funky Office Interior includes a Hive Meeting Pod

The Hive meeting pod for quiet space or informal meetings

Cool office design ideas – Hive meeting pod

A key feature of the new funky office interior was the Hive meeting pod. This bright pink circular meeting pod dominates your view as you come up the stairs to the main office area.

To watch a video showing this interesting meeting pod in action CLICK HERE.

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"'We had various proposals back from companies, the reason we went with Spectrum was that the space upstairs was utilised the best - I think it was about 35 more desks than any other application we had through. Not only does the office look and feel great, we can easily fit that space in but we are also able to accommodate growth in the business which is really important to us.' Laura Colby, Director, Friday Media Group"
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