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Modern Office Design – Brave London

Brave are a creative agency based in London that de-risks brave commercial decision making by being creatively courageous, strategically forensic, digitally progressive, data smart and behaviour driven.

Modern Office Design case study London

Brave were bored of their ageing surroundings and were looking for a modern office design that would reflect their company culture whilst promoting creativity.

Breakout Space

Board Room

As with many creative agencies, brave regularly have clients visiting their offices to discuss projects. Large multinational companies from across the globe visit the guys at brave on a regular basis so, the design had to be of the highest quality to create a great first impression of themselves as a business.

Waiting Area


Breakout Area

To create the right feel for this modern office design Spectrum Workplace introduced a number of key features such as a bar, for clients and staff to have a relaxing drink or two, soft seating and feature lighting.

Modern Office Design - Bar

Bleechers Meeting Area

All of these features help create a great place for customers to visit and an even better place to work.

For more information on modern office office design check out our Resources Page for all the latest design trend ideas.

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