Spectrum Workplace Open-plan office design case study - Archline desks, chairs, screens

Open Plan Office in Reading

“Create an open-plan office layout for 300 workstations on a tight budget and do it three weeks!”

Spectrum Workplace rose to the challenge for this global accountancy practice with their cost-effective Archline range which is ideal for creating open-plan office environments.

The Archline range of furniture ticked all the boxes for the client.

  • price was crucial – the Archline range is very keenly priced
  • the delivery leadtime was critical – all the key components for the Archline range are held in stock for quick delivery
  • good cable management was important – the Archline range has cable management as standard including vertical leg risers and horizontal cable trays. These were combined with desk-top modules for power and data to provide a complete solution
  • Durability was key – the Archline range carries a 10-year structural guarantee
  • The overall look and feel had to tie in with our clients corporate branding.


For more information on the ARCHLINE FURNITURE RANGE click here.

The project also included chairs, desk-mounted screens and meeting furniture. Liaising closely with the refurbishment contractor Spectrum Workplace completed the installation of the complete open-plan office project in less than a week.

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