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Customer Feedback – 100% positive!

Friday February 28th 2014

Customer Feedback – 100% positive!

Spectrum Workplace used a marketing company to conduct an in-depth customer feedback survey.  The feedback from customers was remarkably positive. Niamh Cullen from Hoot Marketing who conducted the telephone survey exercise said  ‘it is extremely unusual to get such an overwhelmingly positive response – you should be proud’.

Customer Feedback Questions

The questions asked were not scripted and were deliberately designed to draw out in-depth customer feedback and allow the customer to drive the conversation. This means that the responses were varied and expressed in the customers own words. Some of the questions and a selection of answers are shown below:-

Why did/do you choose Spectrum?

Some of the reasons given were;-

57% of customers said that our prices being competitive was a factor.

50% of customers said that our long-standing relationship with them was a factor.

43% of customers said that the quality of our products was a factor.

36% of customers said that the speed of our response to their enquiry was a factor.

What is the customer experience like when dealing with Spectrum?

100% of customers said that the experience was very good.  Specific comments included:-

‘they have a good approach – it’s all about what they can do for you.’

‘easy to deal with and trustworthy’

‘the installers were great and it was a very easy transition from one office to the other’

‘they give a ‘sleep at night’ service

Is it important to you to have well-known brands of furniture in your workplace?

71% said that the product brand was not important to them. This response surprised us – almost every customer mentioned the main decision-making drivers to be quality, functionality and price. Even where some customers were supposedly locked into buying agreements with major brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller they were still very happy to cross-sell to an alternative that performed satisfactorily and gave cost-savings.

What trends do you see emerging within the office environment?

The 2 key emerging trends identified were:-

1. the pressure to make more use of their existing space by creative design and smaller workstations

2. the introduction of more soft seating and breakout areas to encourage more informal meetings and collaboration.

Is your company growing at the moment?

43% of companies surveyed said they were growing at the moment.

Would you refer Spectrum to other companies?

100% said they would recommend Spectrum Workplace to others.

Spectrum Workplace

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