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FREE Office Design Consultation

Spectrum Workplace now offer a free office design consultation

This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and review your current office design issues and challenges with one of our experienced Workplace Design Consultants. These informative consultations take the form of an initial fact-finding meeting where you can outline your current issues with your office design. We can then suggest some different ways to overcome or minimise these issues.

A typical agenda for a FREE Office Design Consultation would be:-

1. Introductions (1 min)

2. Client outlines their current office design issues and challenges. (5-10 mins)

3. Consultant discusses each issue, asks more detailed questions relating to them and suggests practical ways to overcome or mitigate each office design issue. (10-20 mins)

4. If the Client is interested in more radical solutions the consultant can outline the latest work practices and how they could be applied to the Client’s organisation. (10-20mins)

5. Summary. (4 mins)

The length of time allocated for a Free Office Design Consultation is a maximum of 1 hour and this will have to be adhered to to enable the consultant to keep their day on schedule. Please note that this offer is only open to organisations with 25 or more office employees and where the office concerned is located within Central London, South-west London, Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey or Berkshire.

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 You can also contact us by phone on 0800 3766 767 or email to design@spectrumworkplace.co.uk



Listed below are a few common issues that get discussed at our Free Office Design Consultations.

Space usage

The primary reason for organisations redesigning offices is to address space issues.  The most common scenarios we are presented with are the need to a) fit more people in to the same space or to b) fit the same or a reduced number of people into a much smaller space.  Often office layouts have evolved over a period of time with little strategic planning having gone into them. Teams that need to work together end up at opposite ends of the building, hours of time are wasted by staff walking excessive distances to access printers, to get to a meeting space or just to get a coffee!

Building Constraints

The interior layout of a building can also seriously hinder efforts to maximise productivity and space efficiency. Often there are underlying problems with heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting or acoustics within office buildings. These may have become accepted as normal but are draining staff energy levels and sapping morale. Work practices have changed considerably in the last 10 years and yet many companies are occupying buildings that were designed 20 or 30 years ago.

Company Culture and Branding

This is a key issue for all progressive organisations. Management may recognise the need for more collaboration and a more open culture but are hampered at every turn by an outdated building and office layout. Corporate branding is often totally absent or clumsily applied within main office areas.


Many companies may be unwittingly breaching fire or building regulations by adding offices or meeting rooms without regard to the regulatory requirements. Emergency routes of escape and fire detection systems are the most common areas that get overlooked. Other issues that need to be considered are the DDA regulations and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) regulations.

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 You can also contact us by phone on 0800 3766 767 or email to design@spectrumworkplace.co.uk


Despite a very short deadline and constantly changing requirements Spectrum couldn’t have been more confidence-inspiring or competent in the delivery of our London office.

“Our Project was well-managed and delivered on time to budget.”

‘Professional, polite service with attention to detail. The Spectrum team are flexible to customer needs and changes!’

“Spectrum Workplace had the edge over the other companies who presented due to the way they listened carefully to our design brief and responded to our comments”.

“Many thanks again for your co-operation on this, we are delighted with the whole product and your service and understanding has been excellent.”

“Spectrum Workplace have now completed three office refurbishment projects in Portsmouth and London which were all completed on time and within budget.”

‘we’ve never done this sort of thing ourselves – Spectrum took that on board and took our brief on board and delivered way over and above what we imagined was possible!’

‘From day 1 you were fantastic! You sat down with us and you actually helped us put the concept together’

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