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Here at Spectrum Workplace we are proud to be an Authorised Dealer of Herman Miller, offering their full range of products.

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller create inspiring designs to help people do great things at work, for learning, for wellness, at home, wherever people are. Their designs and the designers solve real problems for people and their organisations around the world. This way of thinking about design has led them to be recognised as a global innovator in furnishings, personal work accessories, and strategic services. Dozens of Herman Miller designs reside in the permanent collections of major museums around the world.


Chairs for Working

Always Evolving – Every Herman Miller chair simultaneously benefits from and adds to our growing body of knowledge about the design and performance of chairs – leading to groundbreaking results.

Herman Miller Chairs

Desk Systems

For over 50 years, Herman Miller has designed systems for world-class working environments. Each of their solutions benefit from our wealth of knowledge and skill – from producing the revolutionary Action Office system in 1968 to the award-winning Abak Environments in 2004. Learning from every product the develop keeps them at the forefront of workspace design.

Herman Miller Desks


Herman Miller have been considering the connection between storage and the way people work for over 80 years. The thinking and designs of Gilbert Rohde, George Nelson, and Robert Propst is the foundation of their human-centred approach to storage design. Their storage solutions can help you create an optimised variety of Living Office settings that give people something that cannot be had anywhere else: a more naturally human experience of work and interaction.

Herman Miller Storage

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To find out more or to organise a visit to our Havant showroom, give us a call on 023 9248 9933 or email hermanmiller@spectrumworkplace.co.uk

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