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Open Plan Office Design Ideas

Open plan office areas need to be productive and functional to inspire and motivate the team.

Open plan office design is certainly the most space efficient method of accommodating staff as opposed to individual cellular offices.  But this has often resulted in cramped design with little regard to productivity and well-being.  As a result, it can create problems with noise levels and distractions.  The fact is that an open plan office design is not an ideal environment for staff who need accuracy, concentration, or privacy.

The Open Plan Office space is an essential element of an Agile Working environment

Flexible working practices are gaining ground as organisations realize their positive impact on space efficiency, productivity and employee job satisfaction. Invariably there is an open-plan office layout at the heart of any scheme, often broken up and softened by the inclusion of soft seating and breakout areas.

Funky Office Design ideas for Media Company

Funky Office Design for a Media Company

Desk systems for open plan office designs

The desk system used in an open plan office design must have the flexibility to accommodate ever-changing IT hardware and cabling. It needs to have a degree of flexibility to enable desk sharing without disruption. The shape and size of the ideal workstation will vary so if you think that  a minimalist bench system or large format core workstation cluster is right for you, please call us. We’ll show you some examples and customers who have benefited from our agile working programme.

Task Chairs for Open Plan Office Environments

‘Task seating’  is a generic term for well-designed swivel chairs that consider sound ergonomics for staff health and comfort.  With sustainable design and materials for reduced carbon footprint and a comprehensive range of fabric and leather upholstery options, they will blend into any design scheme.

For more information on creative office interiors, visit the NEW WORK PRACTICES page.

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