Spectrum Workplace Office Touchdown Area Design Ideas - What is a touchdown area?

Touchdown Area Design Ideas

A Touchdown Area is needed to make any desk-sharing or Effective Working scheme function properly.

There is a growing need for people in offices and public areas to have a touchdown area.  People need access to space where they can work for short periods using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. They need a touchdown area where they can work undistracted and without distracting others. They are ideal for roving consultants or sales people who need a space to quickly catch up with their emails or do some preparation before going into a meeting.


Touchdown areas are a vital part of any Effective Working or desk-sharing program. They provide the buffer or overspill area at peak periods when everyone is on site and needing a work space. They can also act as quiet zones where persons can take that confidential phone call. A touchdown area can also be used for visitors or temporary workers. Touchdown areas are often situated in reception areas, outside meeting rooms or in circulation spaces.



There are a number of innovative solutions available that have come to the market in recent months. One of our favourites is the TOUCHDOWN BOOTH  a very compact stand-alone touchdown unit with multiple functions – CLICK HERE for more information. High-back sofas also work well as touchdown area furniture with the added advantage of being multi-purpose and usable for informal meetings and quiet space too.

In line with our mission and values we are continually looking out for new ideas and solutions for our clients .

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