Spectrum Workplace Managers lose their offices and lead from the front

Managers lose their offices and lead from the front

Wednesday March 26th 2014

Managers lose their offices!

The office layout is changing in many businesses. Managers are losing their cherished offices and are being thrust into the thick of the action. (First Direct, for example, are totally open plan – even the directors).  Companies are seeing productivity benefits as managers lose their offices and start working alongside their team. The new model promotes the managers’ new place as being in the middle of the action not tucked away in an office. This now means that there are fewer offices filled with large, plush executive furniture but more vibrant open plan areas coupled with multi-functional quiet rooms and breakout areas.  The redundant managers offices are becoming multi-purpose rooms that can act as small meeting rooms or focus rooms for work where quiet and concentration is needed.  More space is also given to collaborative space and informal touchdown areas.

The benefits of real flexibility

All this means that the traditional manager has had their world turned upside down. However it’s not all bad news as the benefits of real flexibility begins to come out.  Everyone has the same amount of space, the same amount of storage and even the same desks. Suddenly internal office moves aren’t such a big thing and that extra desk for the marketing manager isn’t a problem either. On the other hand these new touchdown areas can be difficult to source and the meeting rooms are definitely not the same as they used to be. In fact a recent survey shows that the percentage of a building given to collaborative working has gone from third to between 40 and 45 percent over the last couple of years!

Nonetheless, it is generally agreed that the new workplace definitely suits the new electronic era and the more creative staff will definitely agree that it is the way forward. Facility Managers can turn to Spectrum Workplace to help them to plan the whole process. We have adapted to demands for change in space and innovation and can help you create your new office design. We have extremely talented, creative and project managers who will design your new office and then supply all the products you may need as well as the internal changes. Contact us now to find out how we can help you. 0800 3766 767

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