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New Ways of Working

When new work practices are introduced intelligently the results are increased staff motivation, increased productivity and reduced overheads.

We are seeing a strong shift towards a more agile working style across a range of industries. there are many phrases that are used to describe this including Activity Based Working, Smart Working, Mobile Working, Flexible Working etc.

The Drivers of Change towards New Ways of Working.

There are many factors driving a change towards new work practices in the office.

Recent cross-industry research has shown that, on average:

  • private offices are unoccupied 77% of the time
  • traditional workstations are unoccupied 60% of the time
  • Meeting rooms are rarely used to capacity
  • Meeting rooms are often booked but not occupied


 The mobile revolution – technology advances

Most office workers now have mobile devices that enable them to work flexibly.  This has reduced the need for a traditional fixed workstation. Many companies are now reviewing the utilisation of their office space.  Learn more about the Spectrum Workplace Agile Working program.

The need for collaboration

Recent studies have found that in 1985 about 30% of a worker’s output depended on working with others. By 2010 that had increased to an amazing 80%.  Instant electronic communications have produced almost unrealistic customer expectations of speed of responses. Often the only way to hit deadlines is to share the workload involving a concentrated team effort.

Smarter and faster working

The globalisation of the world economy gives access to skills and expertise from all over the world. To get ahead – or even just to keep up – businesses need to work smarter and faster. Western economies have become more focussed on ‘knowledge industries’. The creation and fostering of new ideas and innovative problem-solving has shifted from being a boardroom-only prerogative to a collective one.  Good teamwork helps to generate ideas. Hence the need to create workplaces geared for collaboration.

New work practices are evolving to support the changes in technology and also need for reductions in overheads.

The Spectrum Workplace Agile Working program can help your organisation implement a new workplace strategy.

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