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We are always looking for new and innovative office furniture designs and office interior design concepts.

Office Slide

Spectacular office slides

And what could make the once dreary work environment more fun than a giant slide?

Agile working Pods

Work Hub

Work Hub The new Work Hub system can create a huge range of semi-enclosed work stations. These are ideal for providing quiet space for focussed work requiring concentration and an element of privacy.

Funky Office Interior Design for Digital Media Company

Hive Meeting Pod

Designed as a multi-functional item, the Hive Meeting Pod can be used for informal meetings for 2-3 people or as a quiet space for concentrated work. It also is a stunning feature to add that ‘wow factor’ into your office.


THE HIGH-BACK ALCOVE SOFA Office work today is increasingly being conducted in open-plan office environments. To ensure that these environments meet the needs of their users they must offer retreat zones that make it possible for them to concentrate on individual work, undisturbed.  Two highback alcove sofas positioned opposite each other can create a ‘meeting […]

Media Bench - Informal Meeting Area image


MEDIA BENCH The Media Bench is a new concept in Meeting Tables. They facilitate collaborative working environments using laptops, tablet PC’s or smartphones.  A freestanding unit that allows up to four people to individually take command of a screen to share information.

Office Touchdown Ideas - Aloof Touchdown image11

Touchdown Booth

Touchdown Booth People need  spaces where they can think; where they can work for short periods using their smartphones, tablets and laptops, without being distracted and without disturbing others.   Our customers and the credible media tell us that  employees need to create productive time as it suits them – and be able to choose where […]

Breakout Space Ideas - Work Pods image5


You can create Office Work Pods for talking, laughing, concentrating, printing, recycling, mailing… you get the idea! This system is a great new medium for commercial interiors, and we like to..

Innovative Office Furniture - Cocoon Soft Seating image

Cocoon Seating

THE COCOON SEATING SYSTEM This modular seating system allows multiple configuration. Cocoon is able to be configured in numerous forms to create an endless, eye catching and striking addition to the workplace. The offering of a latticed top section gives Cocoon its name and together with the curved back details and additional AV housing segments, Cocoon […]

Hot Desk Personal Storage

The Hotbox – a Hot Desk Personal Storage Solution A Hot Desk Personal Storage Solution This hot desk personal storage system has been designed specifically to support the flexible workplace.   A good hot desk personal storage system can transform your workplace into a flexible environment that enables hot desking, desk sharing, collaborative areas and quiet zones. To do […]

Retractable Walls

Rooms can be reconfigured in minutes – not hours! Retractable walls are designed to be completely automatic, with flat and rigid panels, they move effortlessly and quietly with a simple turnkey operation. As they are stored in the ceiling cavity, retractable wall systems make the most efficient use of space as no wall pockets are […]

wall graphics

Office Wall Graphics

Inspire, invigorate and refresh your workplace and staff with our stunning office wall graphics. OFFICE WALL GRAPHICS Office wall graphics can transform your office interior. They can strengthen your corporate message and brand. Office wall graphics can create a showstopping feature for your reception, meeting rooms and break out areas.

Innovative Office Furniture - Acoustic Phone Hoods


The PhoneHood provides an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall. When you’re ‘in the Hood’ you can answer the phone in peace in noisy surroundings without ever having to ask anyone to repeat themselves. It can be installed anywhere and will cheer up every office!

Open-Plan Office Ideas - Archline Bench image1


Minimalist style, free address bench desking, solid core laminate or mfc tops in a vast range of finishes, sliding top cable management options, complementary storage in steel or mfc.

Innovative Office Features - Living Wall image1


Breathe new life into the workplace!  Living walls do just that – naturally oxygenating and hydrating the atmosphere and keeping the workforce more alert, healthy and productive.  Available as a stand-alone self-contained unit or as bespoke designs of virtually any size and shape.

Soft Seating Ideas - Call Soft Seating image1


CALL is an elegant seating solution for lounge areas or in touch-down zones, where people can work or relax in groups or as individuals.  All models are available with or without an integrated table top in white compact laminate.  Designed by Busk and Hertzog.

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