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What is Agile Working?

Agile Working is a blend of creativity and science. It creates office environments that are space-efficient, productive and vibrant.

‘While working practices have moved into the information age, office design is still in the Industrial Age. Office utilisation rates may be shrinking, but the costs continue to rise: a single workstation in a central London office costs companies £14,000 a year, according to DTZ the property consultancy’.   – Jessica Twentyman, Financial Times 24th Feb 2014.

Different tasks need different environments to make sure a workforce is working effectively . The workplace should combine efficient use of space with collaborative working and the need to recognise concentration and contemplation.  This concept is sometimes known as ‘activity-based working’ or ‘agile working’.  Using Agile Working principles, we’ll show you how to create and allocate space and furniture according to the tasks to be performed rather than according to status or rank.

Traditional open plan offices are excellent in encouraging teamwork but are not good for tasks requiring either concentration or privacy and also rarely provide sufficient meeting spaces. You’ll be impressed with how we blend your business drivers with your aspirations.

Innovative solutions to enable agile working.

New meeting furniture designs can create semi-private meeting areas within open-plan office areas. The Touchdown Booth pod creates an instant touchdown space.  The acoustic Phone Hood allows mobile phone calls to be taken without disturbing the rest of the office. The Media Bench allows multiple team members to instantly take control of a large shared screen. For more innovative products visit the ‘What’s New’ page.

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