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Office Space Per Worker Is Reducing

Thursday November 14th 2013

Office Space Per Worker Has Reduced from 225 sqft to 150sqft!

The average amount of office space per worker has dropped from over 225 square feet per office worker in 2010 to 150 square feet or less this year. This was found in a recent global survey undertaken by CoreNet Global, one of the industry’s leading associations of corporate real estate managers from around the world. The same survey also showed that many of the companies thought that the employment levels would rise in the second half of 2013. This could easily mean that a further reduction of office space per worker is achieved as well as a possible rise in commercial property  sales.

The report clearly proved the need for flexible working environments with many companies having to undertake this move to retain employees and improve productivity levels. With the trend being towards collaboration and team projects the need for break out areas and touchdown areas is becoming very apparent. The survey clearly shows this as over 80% of the companies interviewed said they had moved towards open space floor plans and had collaborative areas! It also shows that two-thirds of the companies had actually installed integrated workplace strategies!

Another interesting report that has been recently released shows that in America many of the highly-skilled technicians are pushing for a flexible working environment that can support interaction with their colleagues. They feel that this interaction is essential in their productivity as it provides them with innovative ideas and also helps in developing those new ideas.  Many also felt it was the best way to keep up to date with their industry news. Many businesses are finding informal meeting areas essential to retaining for their skilled employees as well as a great way of building the businesses teamwork.

Office Space Per Worker Reducing

New report shows Office Space Per Worker reducing

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