Spectrum Workplace Office Furniture Manufacture and Design, Hampshire, UK

Office Furniture Manufacture and Design

We offer substantial savings over traditional furniture resellers. We have control over the manufacturing and design processes which enables us to ensure superior, consistent quality and environmental standards.

We can customise and design bespoke office furniture to suit our clients exact needs, making furniture in almost any style and in a wide range of materials and finishes to suit your brand and company style.

Some of our own ranges of office desks are:-

ARCHLINE – a stylish range of desks with cantilever legframe which incorporates cable management as standard

Archline Bench  – a minimalist bench desk range with a very robust frame and superb sliding top cable management system

Endura – a simple cost-effective range of panel-end desks and matching storage

Office chairs

Excellent quality and value for money. Our key office chair ranges are sourced from Germany and include a 24/7 guarantee for 5 year use. The best-selling ranges are:-

Skopi– a fantastic award-winning office chair with a choice of mesh and upholstered back.

Vivid – a very keenly priced but superb quality german office chair range

Other key office chair designs offering excellent value-for-money and sourced from reputable suppliers in the European Region include:-

Inova– a stylish and comfortable mesh-backed office chair at a very keen price point

All office chairs are supplied fully assembled and ready for use

Office furniture manufacturer – quality control

We have direct control over the manufacturing processes of our office furniture to ensure consistent quality standards. All material used is compliant with the European E1 standard.


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