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87.2% of staff want to leave their job this year!

Thursday May 1st 2014

Are you just a tad sceptical about statistics? Unless the sample size is substantial and the source is an authority, I tend to give them little attention.  However, the LinkedIn article from Heather Huhman on April 1st* points to this huge number who say they want to leave their job this year.  At Spectrum, in our Havant office, we are consistently hearing the message from recruiters that there is a shortage of the ‘right people’. This tends to suggest that maybe the results of this survey could well be accurate.

There’s trouble ahead….

In call centres in Portsmouth and Southampton, for example, we’re being told ‘there’s trouble ahead’. There are very few applicants for some jobs. There will need to be some deep thinking in boardrooms about keeping the right people motivated and loyal – or keeping them at all!

Another way to retain staff is to show them that you really do love them!

 FMG bites the bullet

Friday Media Group, (FMG) are a growing company in Burgess Hill who were worried that it was becoming difficult to recruit the right staff. Spectrum Workplace helped them to revamp their entire office, saving space but turning it into something special.

“We wanted to make the workspace collaborative and wanted an environment where people could come together and share ideas, make them feel like their creativity was being released. Upstairs on main sales floor, we wanted to create an environment that is practical but comfortable at the same time – we’ve achieved that. We’re seeing people spending more time in the office in the evenings – they don’t have to but they feel they’d like to do that as it is a great working environment.” – Sam Kidger, Group Sales Director at Friday Media Group.  75 different brands and 350 staff.

Expert Opinion

” It is more about the frustration around wanting to feel appreciated and involved,” says Laura Davis, Managing Director of HR Solutions.  “The best way to resolve this is to engage staff – engaged staff want to do a good job, and indeed are doing a good job. This creates a win/win for the employer too, as evidence shows that engaged staff impact the top line. Increased profitability, outstanding customer service, the ability to reward good performance, and the retention of your best people, are all proven results from having an engaged workforce.”


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* https://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140401130021-10999323-should-you-tell-your-boss-you-re-thinking-about-leaving?trk=tod-home-art-list-large_0/

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