Spectrum Workplace Hive Meeting Pod - a funky informal space for quick meetings or quiet

The Hive Meeting Pod

Designed as a multi-functional item, the Hive can be used for informal meetings for 2-3 people or as a quiet space for concentrated work. It also is a stunning feature to add that ‘wow factor’ into your office.

Watch the video showing the Hive Meeting Pod in action! – CLICK HERE

Hive Meeting Pod - Funky Office Interior Design VIDEO

A Hive Meeting Pod installed at a media company!


Another Hive Meeting Pod

This Hive Meeting Pod incorporates vision panels for more visibility and was finished in vibrant yellow.

Hive meeting pod collage

Hive meeting pod in yellow with vision panels

User review of the Hive

‘It’s a great space really as you can come and be quite secluded away from everyone even though you are in the middle of the sales floor.  An intimate area where you can have a nice chat with someone or just do a bit of work by yourself.  It’s quiet in here and not so in the way of everybody.  My desk is right on the corridor so I get to come in here for a bit of privacy!’ Events Manager, Friday Media Group.

The Hive Meeting Pod was part of a cool office interior recently completed for a media company – to see the full case study CLICK HERE.

The Hive Meeting Pod was part of a collaborative work space recently completed for a private school – to see the full case study CLICK HERE.

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