Spectrum Workplace Hot Desk Personal Storage to enable flexible working and hot desking

The Hotbox – a Hot Desk Personal Storage Solution

A Hot Desk Personal Storage Solution

This hot desk personal storage system has been designed specifically to support the flexible workplace.   A good hot desk personal storage system can transform your workplace into a flexible environment that enables hot desking, desk sharing, collaborative areas and quiet zones. To do this effectively you need products that have been designed for the specific purpose. The Spectrum Workplace Effective Working Program enables the integration of these new ways of working to support the new requirements of the modern workplace.

Why consider a Hot Desk Personal Storage System?

The traditional fixed office environment is disappearing with more people working on the move, from home, or from flexible offices. Never before has portable personal storage been more important than in today’s fast paced working environment.

Whether you are a professional person who needs to transport files between work and home, a field-based professional who is constantly on the move or somebody who works from home you need a practical solution to take control of your personal storage!

Hot Desk Personal Storage

The Hotbox Personal Storage System Features

Key features and benefits of the Hotbox personal storage system are:

• Integrated lid with hinge and drop down facility to make access easy.

• Completely flexible interior that can accommodate any combination of A4 and US Legal hanging files, binders, magazines, notebook PCs and more.

• Compact and smooth design so it fits in personal lockers, pedestals and lateral storage systems.

• Combination lock and tether point to keep it secure.

• Ergonomic handles to make carrying it easy and comfortable.

• Storage clip to hang it on workplace screens and dividers, lifting it off the work surface.

• Manufactured from polypropylene with aluminium internals to make it durable and lightweight.

New Ways of Working

Hot desking is normally part of a comprehensive agile working strategy. We have extensive experience in helping companies to implement new ways of working. Find out more about NEW WORK PRACTICES here.

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