Spectrum Workplace Office Work Pods - flexible meeting spaces, instant resource area ...

You can create work pods for talking, laughing, concentrating, printing, recycling, mailing… you get the idea! 


Work Pods are a great new medium for commercial interiors, and we like to encourage our customers to go a little crazy!  The soothing sights and hues of nature, hard hitting promotional graphics, subtle patterns, solid blocks of colour… it’s your choice.

Instant Meeting Spaces

Use Office Work Pods to create instant meeting spaces with real impact. Full screen printed graphics are standard and can be customised with your corporate branding or inspirational images. Acoustic foam core can be specified for additional sound privacy.

Office Work Pods for Resource and Machine Areas

Work Pods can also be used to enclose messy resource or filing areas or noise generating machine or printer areas.

Endless Configurations

This flexible system is available in a wide range of heights and radii. It can combine straight and courved panels into one seamless wall with the ingenious upholstery method. The inner framework is constructed from aluminium and then is clad with a choice of materials on both sides of the panel. The screen-printed fabric is the most popular but also useful is the dry-wipe GRP surface option for brainstorming and idea walls.

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Spectrum Workplace

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