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Touchdown Booth

People need  spaces where they can think; where they can work for short periods using their smartphones, tablets and laptops, without being distracted and without disturbing others.   Our customers and the credible media tell us that  employees need to create productive time as it suits them – and be able to choose where and how they work while  still participating within an enterprise culture.

Touchdown Booths are portable and noise reducing.

They give privacy to staff using portable devices giving higher levels of concentration when  required, but it can also be a casual space for taking a break away from a desk. With a small footprint, the touchdown booth can be placed in an open plan office as well as in common areas of buildings, such as receptions and lobbies, serving both staff and visitors and utilising otherwise empty space.

The Touchdown Booth  creates an instant touchdown area within an open-plan office area, enabling employees to escape traditional workstations and make phone calls in privacy, without disturbing others. The booth also provides users with a space for concentration or quiet deliberation, while remaining accessible to colleagues.

Spectrum Workplace

Spectrum Workplace